Highly Validated Approaches to Highly Unmet Needs.

Developing Treatments for Severe Liver Disease.


Inipharm is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing therapies for severe liver diseases. Inipharm's lead program is focused on the highly validated, genetically-defined target, HSD17B13.

There is extensive, consistent evidence that genetic variants in expression of HSD17B13 are associated with significantly lower rates and severity of multiple liver diseases. Building on these novel insights into the biologic activity of HSD17B13, Inipharm is advancing a pipeline of small-molecule therapies that target the activity of this protein.


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Inipharm is developing small-molecule inhibitors of HSD17B13 to treat fibrotic liver diseases. Inipharm's inhibitors have been shown in human liver cell-based systems to have anti-fibrotic effects.

  • HSD17B13 has been identified as a novel target for NASH and driver of liver disease from a genome wide association study.
  • Loss of function variants in HSD17B13 are associated with reduced risk incidence and/or the severity of numerous liver diseases.
  • Importantly, HSD17B13 has been shown to be involved in pathways associated with lipotoxicity, inflammation, and fibrosis.
HSD17B13 Disease Association Chart
SOURCES: Gellert-Kristensen 2019; Abul-Husn 2018; Kozlitina 2018; About 2018; Ferenci 2019, Yang 2020 Hepatol; About 2018 NEJM

Across multiple liver diseases, liver biopsies have shown less severe and lower incidence of hepatic fibrosis in patients with the protective HSD17B13 variant.

HSD17B13 Biopsies Charts
SOURCES: Luukkenon 2020 Hepatol; About, NEJM, 2018

In a primary human cell "3D liver-on-a-chip" model of NASH, INI-678 decreased markers of fibrosis.

Reflects human liver physiology, including metabolism of lipids, cholesterol and bile acids.

INI-678 Decrease Charts
SOURCE: Inipharm data


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